We engaged Paul to sell our office building on La Brea after receiving an unsolicited offer and we are very happy we did. He helped us get past the tenant’s right of first refusal in a timely manner which allowed us to overcome a potential hurdle in marketing the property. Once on the market his marketing efforts generated eight offers within the first week. In the end, we wound up getting a significant amount over the asking price, a short escrow, as well as a buyer who went non-contingent day one. Paul was very hands-on throughout the entire escrow and made sure there were no hiccups with the buyer or their lender so that the process unfolded in a smooth manner. At the end of the day, we were very happy with the job Paul did and we would definitely recommend him to anyone thinking of selling their commercial property.

Paula and Norman Simon

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Paul and Caitlyn. After hiring them to lease out my property on Hyperion, I went from a tenant who was barely paying their rent to getting one of the hippest tenants in the area who not only signed a 10 year lease, but agreed to put over half a million worth of improvements into my property. Paul and Caitlyn were very professional and went out of their way to make sure everything went smoothly. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to lease or sell their commercial property.

Jim Holzemer

My wife and I run a ministry in the heart of Hollywood. We had been in that building almost 25 years when we started receiving unsolicited offers on the building. The first offer was above market, but never even made it into escrow. The word had gotten out that we were open to taking an offer, so the second offer was less than the first. They probably thought they could offer less since the first didn’t work out. But they kept wanting to extend escrow and didn’t want to pay for the right, so it fell out. After two offers on a building that wasn’t even listed for sale, it made us curious to see what would happen if we actually put it on the market. But, with who?

During the previous deal I kept seeing updates Paul Brehme was publishing on the internet, on the market and his analysis of the market. I was intrigued and knew I wanted a barracuda to represent us this time, so I called him to set up a meeting. I was impressed by his approach and what he was guaranteeing he would do to represent us. We agreed he was for us, and we listed our building with him.

Right from the start he started promoting our building every way possible. He didn’t just wait for people to call, but started calling and emailing people he thought might be interested. It resulted in an offer that was higher than either of the first two, close to a record for a building like ours, and got us terms we had to have to make the deal work for us. Throughout the whole process, he was there for us. Even after the lease back was over, he was there to help us work through all the final paperwork and even get our deposit back.

We couldn’t recommend Paul Brehme more. Whether you are buying or selling, you would be hard pressed to find a more professional, hard working or better connected broker.

Ron and Judy Radachy – Co-Directors @ Oasis of Hollywood

I owned a large amount of land on Seward St in Hollywood with a couple family members and we decided it was time to sell the property and go our separate ways. We all agreed Paul was the best broker to sell our property and we couldn’t have been happier with our decision. Not only was he very professional and diligent throughout the entire process, but we had a tenant with a Right of First Refusal who tried to make our lives difficult and Paul was able to recommend a good attorney who got them to back down. In the end, it was a very smooth process and Paul was able to sell the property for over twice what the property had recently appraised for. Needless to say, we were ecstatic. Paul was fabulous and he took care of me with no problems whatsoever. In fact, he even helped me buy a Jack in the Box in Houston, TX for my 1031 Exchange. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for a smart, trustworthy, and hardworking commercial real estate agent.

Carlinda Langevin

I contacted Paul to help negotiate the lease on our Hollywood property and possibly sell one of our smaller parcels so that we could free up some money. We had the property appraised a couple years ago so we thought we had a good idea what it was worth. When it became apparent that our main tenant was not going to renew and that the real estate market was hot, and getting hotter, we decided to sell the total property. Paul quickly brought us an offer that was beyond our expectations!

Paul was very forthright, thorough, knowledgeable, and professional throughout the entire sales process. He was extremely approachable and answered my questions and returned my calls in a timely manner. In fact he even helped me secured an interim loan so that I could purchase a new home during the process.

I would definitely recommend hiring Paul Brehme to anyone looking to sell their commercial property. He turned what could have been a very stressful process into a relaxed and very pleasant transaction.

Barbara Rodney

We were fortunate to have Paul Brehme handle the sale of our building at 542 N Larchmont Blvd. We had been talking to Paul for years about the possibility of selling our Larchmont property…especially with regards to timing and achieving the highest price.  We had a certain number in mind and when Paul told us he had a buyer who would pay that number, we decided to move forward.  Paul brought us a buyer who worked with our needs, didn’t play any games, and closed in a very timely manner. He was very professional and efficient in handling both sides of the transaction as well as dealing with all parties involved.  Things ran very smoothly throughout the escrow process and in the end we were very happy.  We would definitely recommend Paul to anyone thinking of selling their commercial property.

Irwin and Jane Gilman – The Larchmont Chronicle

My partner wanted to sell a property we both owned in Hollywood, but I preferred to keep it and agreed to sell only if we could get a very good price for the property. Paul said he thought he could get us that price…and within a couple weeks of listing the property we were in escrow at that number. Paul did a great job handling the entire sale from beginning to end. He was thorough and went out of his way to get the deal done. I was very happy with the entire transaction and would highly recommend working with Paul.

Adolfo Suaya – Suaya Properties

Paul did what we hoped he would do. He listed our property, helped bring us a buyer who paid full price for the property, and closed escrow without any hassles or games whatsoever. Paul worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make the deal happen and ensure everything moved forward without a hitch. He met the buyer’s lender the first day into the start of the transaction and then proceeded to stay on top of the lender making sure that all documents for the SBA Loan were obtained, including environment and appraisals, without missing any of the very tight deadlines we put on the transaction. Paul really made the sale of this property an easy and smooth process. I would definitely recommend Paul to those looking to sell their commercial property.

John Rohan – Rohan Development

Hiring Paul to sell my Sunset Blvd property in West Hollywood was a great choice. When I first met with him I got the feeling I would be in good hands; he seemed like the type who would give my property 100% of his efforts…and he did not disappoint.  He gave me a range where he thought the property would sell and he delivered on that number.  Thanks to his marketing campaign, he had the property in escrow within two weeks with a very strong buyer who ultimately closed in a timely manner and with no games.  I always felt like he was looking out for my best interests, he always returned my calls in a timely manner and always took the time to meet me when necessary.   I would highly recommend Paul to anyone looking to sell their property.

David Maman – David Maman Design

I wanted to sell my property on Highland Ave but only if i could get a good price for it. I contacted Paul, we decided on a price that I was happy with, and I gave him the listing. He brought me a 1031 exchange buyer who was looking for property in the Hollywood area and we closed within 30 days, with only 7 days of due diligence. I was also able to lease back my property from the new owner for two months which made it much easier to move my business to a new location. Paul was great throughout the sale of my building and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to sell their building in the Hollywood area.

Joseph Lo – Living Square

I owned a property on La Brea and having just turned 80, was beginning to tire of driving over there to deal with the tenants.  It was getting too difficult to manage and my sons didn’t want to have anything to do with it.  Paul showed me how I could take advantage of the local market and increase my cash flow by exchanging into another property with a corporate tenant.   I’m an accountant and after looking over the numbers I decided it made good sense.  Not only did Paul get me a great price for my property but he also helped me with my 1031 exchange and the purchase of a Wendy’s in Milwaukee.  I’m now making $40,000 more per year and don’t have to deal with any tenants whatsoever.  Thanks.

Richard F.

My husband passed away last year and unfortunately I had the unpleasant task of dealing with his assets…one of which was his medical office.  After meeting with various brokers I liked how honest and straightforward Paul was with me.  He was clear and thorough when answering my questions throughout the sale, and in the end he ended up making what could have been a difficult process, into a very smooth one. I am very happy and would gladly recommend him to anyone looking to sell their property.

Edith H.

I was approached by a developer to purchase my property on La Brea off-market.  I had been chatting with Paul on and off for years so I called him to see what he thought of their offer.  After speaking with him I realized that they were offering me far below what other buyers would pay if I listed the property.  Paul helped me negotiate with the developer to get an incredible deal and then helped me find two 1031 exchange properties…one for my business, and the other was a Arby’s in Dallas with a corporate guarantee.  I would definitely recommend using him in the future.

Mike K.

I inherited my grandfather’s share of his Robertson Blvd property and owned it with another party who I rarely spoke to.   When the longterm tenant decided to move I called Paul because the other party and I decided to sell and move on. Not only did Paul get us a great price for the property, he made sure all parties were kept in the loop at all times.  At the end of the day, it was a very easy and comfortable transaction all around.  If I owned any more commercial property, I would definitely use Paul again.

Greg B.

After another brokerage promised to get me a certain amount for my Hollywood property and failed to deliver, I called Paul after receiving one of his postcards.  Immediately after he took the property to market I noticed a difference.  He brought a lot more buyers to the property, kept me apprised of what was happening, and at the end of the day got me more for my property than the original broker promised.   I wished I had used him in the first place instead of having the property sit on the market for six months.

Simon Z.

My husband and I had owned our Melrose property for over fourteen years but since we moved back east it’s been harder and harder for us to manage it.  We called Paul because he seemed incredibly professional and honest when we spoke to him in the past.  He found a really good buyer and we were able to do a 1031 exchange and purchase a property out here which generated much more money.  My husband and I would gladly recommend Paul in the future.

Janet T.

I started getting tired of managing my Santa Monica Blvd property a couple years ago so I called some of the agents who mailed me letters telling me they had buyers looking to purchase a property just like mine.  After a year or so I realized their buyers were either looking for a “steal” or they weren’t real and the agent was just trying to get a listing from me.  I’m not sure why I called Paul to be honest but I’m glad I did because he was the only agent who brought me a real offer from a real buyer who was in an 1031 exchange.  They were very accommodating and worked with me while I looked for an exchange property.  Paul was extremely helpful throughout the process and I’m now the proud owner of a Burger King in Texas and I don’t have to manage anything.  Thanks.

David B.

Unfortunately our business fell on some hard times and we were having trouble paying our loan so we decided in was probably best if we sold the property.  One of my partners had a friend who recommended Paul so we called him.  Paul worked with the bank and eventually found a buyer who the bank found agreeable and made an uncomfortable situation much more bearable.  He always called us back promptly and made sure we knew what was happening at all times.  We really appreciate all he did for us.

Ara T.

My husband and I owned a small office on Larchmont Blvd where we ran our business for the past twelve or thirteen years.  For personal reasons we ended up moving out town and had to sell the property.  We got Paul’s name from a Larchmont neighbor and he gave us a beautiful brochure showing us what he thought the property was worth.  My husband couldn’t believe it was worth that much, but Paul got us that amount.  He was a pleasure to deal with.

Rose F.

We were looking to move our business from Culver City to the Studio City area.  Paul was patient and persistent. We felt bad because we passed on a lot of properties that came on the market.  But finally he found us a great property that worked perfectly for us.  He never gave up and we really appreciate that.  Would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for commercial property.

Paula M.

I owned an office building in Hollywood but most of my properties are apartments in the Valley so to make life easier, I decided to sell it and exchange into another apartment or two in Sherman Oaks.  I got quotes from a couple agents in the area but Paul came in the highest.  When I asked him why he thought my property was worth more than the others, he told me about a couple of big development projects about to happen and that he thought we could get more because they were near my property.  He was right, he knew what was happening in the area, more than the others, and that helped me get more money for my property.  Not only does he know what he’s talking about, he’s a great guy as well.  Happy to recommend him to anyone.

George W.